Ventura County Animal Services Logo

The Pit Crew is a Ventura County Animal Services program. The Pit Crew will help re-brand pit bull type dogs. Educating the community on responsible ownership, false myths and showing the true nature of this loving animal.

Our Mission

To provide a destination to receive information about responsible pet ownership, spay and neuter options, local housing resources and more. We will provide information regarding local events and enrichment programs designed to create a healthier atmosphere for the Pit Bull type dogs in Ventura County

Who We Are

Ventura County Animal Services is the community leader for Pet Adoptions, Education & Providing Animal Care.

Ventura County Animal Services:

  • Provides Care To Stray And Abandoned Animals
  • Promotes Animal Adoptions
  • Reunites Pets With Their Owners
  • Rescues Stray And Injured Animals
  • Processes New And Renewal Pet Licenses
  • Hosts Low-cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics
  • Educates The Community About Animal Welfare And Proper Pet Care