Donations – You Choose The Amount – You Choose How Often

Thank you for supporting VCAS Pit Crew. Our efforts are all toward one goal. Making life for pit bull type dogs more Humane. Pit Crew is run by donations and volunteers and your donation goes direct to Ventura County Animal Services.

Spay & Neuter is a vital tool to achieving a manageable population. Visit our Spay & Neuter page for More Info. Your donations will largely allow us to offer simple and cost effective Spay & Neuter for the community. We will offset the cost of these services across Ventura County.

Donating monthly is simple and is a great way to support Pit Crew. To get you started as a “Pit Crew Member” we have some sign up bonus items. Donations equal to or above the amounts below will receive the items as displayed.

$10+ / mo

$25+ / mo

$50+ / mo


*Sign Up Bonus Will Be Sent The 2nd Month of Donations