Sponsor the VCA Pit Crew

VCAS has created a new way for your business to get involved. Sponsoring Pit Crew will bring to you a “Return on Your Donation”. We believe it is important to showcase our sponsors and provide for them new ways of reaching out to the public. Together we can be successful at both of our goals.




Looking to attract more online customers? VCAS has a large online presence. Our website and social media trafiic are among the largest in Ventura County. Tap into this vast netwrok with social media posts, web banners and get your brand recognized. We can help you grow your social media following bringing you results that will continue to grow.




Pit Crew sponsorships can include a custom built campaign, compliments of AM Supply. This campaign or multiple campaigns will be promoted through the sevral resources we poses. We will focus our co-promotion in ways that makes sense for you.






Pit Bull type dogs are amazing pets, and can fit into many home situations. Finding the pit bull type dog for you, is important to building a strong relationship. Dogs in our shelters who are “Pit Crew Certified” have proven their potential as breed-ambassadors and have mastered pre-set criteria:

  • Greets the public politely
  • Has good leash manners
  • Knows basic commands (sit, down, stay, drop it, leave it, look, take)
  • Demonstrates good impulse control
  • Displays appropriate dog-to-dog behavior (on & off leash)
  • Performed well on standardized SAFER® assessment

Prepared to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test!
(a nationally recognized test for insurance agencies and landlords)