Tcertarrowake your dog to training classes. Ongoing training classes are best for ALL dogs. This is important because it is much more difficult for people to look down upon your dog when he is well-trained and behaved. Show off your well-educated pit bull type dog every chance you get.  There are many styles of training and avoid the punitive methods. If you have questions, please always feel free to reach out and ask. You don’t want to train your dog with outdated and completely discredited methods and take the chance it will ruin your dog and your relationship. There are trainers out there who will try to hide what it is they do, at least initially to get your business. If they are telling you to do something to your dog that makes you uncomfortable, listen to your gut and leave.

Pit bull type dogs are enthusiastic learners. They enjoy trick training and many graduate at the head of their obedience classes. There are many pit bull type dog rescue groups that can recommend training classes.

Establish house rules for your new dog that everyone will stick to. Consistency is the key to training. Decide on the behaviors you find acceptable and those that you wish to discourage, such as:dogscooping

  • Is she allowed on the furniture?
  • Is it okay for him to bark in the backyard?
  • Can she play with toys in the house?
  • How do you want him to behave when guests come in to the home?



Enrichment & Socialization:

Socialization and exercise is the key to a happy and confident dog. Daily exercise is a must. Playing fetch, hiking, bike rides or whatever you love to do, your dog will be more than willing to participate. Pit bull type dogs are moderately active indoors and extremely active outdoors.  A tired dog is a happy dog, and the pit bull type dog is no different. Since this is considered a high energy breed, owners can expect to spend approximately one hour per day exercising their dogs. Failure to properly exercise a pit bull can result in anxiousness, increased aggression, and destructive habits – such as destroying your favorite pair of shoes.

If you find that walks alone are not burning off significant amounts of energy, then consider enrolling in dog in an agility or fly ball class, or introducing them gently to a treadmill. You will find that with regular exercise your dog is more relaxed and fun to be with.

Make sure your dog is a part of your family, not left outside alone, whether on a chain, in a kennel or the garage. Dogs are social creatures, and they need plenty of human interaction

Socialize your dog as much as possible before and after they reach maturity. Dogs do not fully mature until about 3 years of age (give or take), and around this time some owners may notice a dramatic change in their dog’s tolerance of other pets. In order to keep the peace, and for your dog to be able to handle new situations with confidence and pleasure, ongoing socialization is a must. With both people AND dogs! Socialization does not mean visiting your local off-leash park and allowing your dog to run wildly, an obedience class in which your dog is surrounded by, but not directly interacting with other dogs is still being social. Any time you can bring your dog out with you to a public place will help with their socialization and help them to deal with various situations

dogmedicMany dogs need a job. Not all dogs are made for police work or able to be trained as a service animal, so think small. A job can be obedience classes, taking a walk with you every day, sitting at your feet while you are on the computer in the evenings, or following you around the house while you do chores. Pit Bulls and other bully breed dogs are highly intelligent animals with above-average problem solving skills; they need to feel important and needed.

No Unsupervised Play
Always monitor playtime. Pit bulls live to play, and playtime between compatible dogs is a great form of exercise and socialization. But roughhousing can trigger a fight if not kept under control. Pit bull type dogs are scrappy: they like to play rough and can be pretty vocal. Don’t let things go too far. As the leader of your pack, it’s your job to set limits and keep everyone under control.

dogsonleashesAvoid off-leash dog parks or other areas where you might encounter dogs running loose. Your dog can get just as much socialization and exercise on a leash. Unfortunately, more  incidents involving dogs fighting happen at dog parks than anywhere else. People tend to be perfectly comfortable with letting their dogs run wild at dog parks and don’t take any notice of poor behavior.

The majority of the time because dogs are worn out and get frustrated with the antics of another dog, which results in an altercation. You are better off attending a class that focuses on good dog behavior, and sticking to long walks and the occasional play date with other well behaved dogs.